Monday, September 28, 2009

you'll thank me later....i hope

Mr. Husband,

Has anyone ever complained to you about guys? Well, I have some complaints, and I'm only making you aware of them so that you can avoid them when you're, you know, sweeping me off my feet.

Why is it so hard for guys to stay consistent? I mean really. Don't be attentive one minute and then aloof the next. It's extremely frustrating. And it doesn't make the girl feel too great about herself. I know you guys are busy with you video games and man bonding, but we girls are pretty dang busy ourselves - we actually have conversations that last longer than 15 minutes. But somehow, we still find the time to think about you. Still find the time to text and call you. The least you could do is show us the same courtesy. Instead of leaving us hanging. I know you have it in your nature to not want to commit (which is a total over-generalization, i know), but do you have idea what it does to a girl? She thinks she can trust you, rely on you for some happiness in her day, and then you let her down.

Sorry this is so harsh, but I've seen too many deserving girls, myself included, get treated like an afterthought. And I've seen enough.

Please don't do these things to me. I know you're not perfect. And of course you're allowed to make mistakes. But if you could just try your hardest not to, I would greatly appreciate it. Oh and I'll also love you forever, if that's any incentive.