Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Heart Full of Love

The heart.

It is amazing the feelings that this little organ can produce. When I was young I was always so confused why people had such strong things to say about love. But it is amazing to me even now the number of emotions. Like, remember a time when someone broke your heart and for a while it hurt to even breathe because it hurt so bad. I always think of the Twilight books when Edward leaves Bella and she has to wrap her arms around herself because of the "hole" created by her heartache. Cheesy, I know. But that really is how it feels sometimes. You miss him so bad it physically hurts. On the opposite side, remember when someone made you feel so amazingly happy and giddy and excited and just, content. Like, life just wouldn't work the same way without them in it in some way. They are your comfort and protection and they make you feel like you can turn to them for anything and they will be there no matter what. And sometimes it just feels like your chest is going to explode, but you don't really know why and you can't explain it. It's such a strong feeling, there are no words. And I have barely even breached the tip of it. Love is amazing and it can produce such great things. It can also produce devastating results. But that is just the way of love and there is no getting around it. So just hang on for dear life to those you love and who love you. Because love is the thing that keeps your heart beating.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh the Joys of Life

I'll just make this simple.

Heavenly Father has his hand in every aspect of our lives. It's so hard for me to really realize that, especially when I get so caught up in the craziness that becomes life. But he is there in every moment. He can see not only what we do everyday, but he can see our thoughts. He knows what we're going through. He's not like the random guy you see walking by you on campus who can see you frowning because of the snow, or smiling because someone sent you a text. That guy doesn't know what you're thinking. He can just see your expressions. But Heavenly Father, he knows what you're thinking too! Isn't that just amazing? He knows what you're going through. Christ has been through everything that you have been through, felt every thought, and he is there for you whenever you want to go to him.

Because of all of this, he isn't going to forget you. Ever. When you are going through a hard time, he will be there with you, give you comfort and guidance, through every single step. Even when you totally want to give up - and I totally want to sometimes - He is there, rooting for you, hoping that you will ponder long enough to hear Him rooting for you.